If you are to work outdoors and require protection from the elements, we offer the ARCBAN® range of Arc Protective, Windproof, Waterproof and Breathable garments.

When worn over a layered system these add further to the level of protection provided. All of these garments use Gore-Tex Pyrad® fabric for their superior performance.

J & K Ross suggest you consider a “layering” approach to protection, as opposed to using a heavy bulky single layer. For example, you might choose to use our ARCBAN® range of garments made from DuPont™, Nomex® a Polo shirt* and undergarments* (Elim =8.2 cal/cm2) beneath a coverall (Elim = 8.6 cal/cm2) the combination of these two layers will give you an Elim of 42 cal/cm2. To achieve this result with a coverall alone would entail using a single layer fabric of excessive weight and stiffness which may be very hot, heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Whatever system you choose to use we strongly recommend that you only use garments that have been tested as an ensemble in order that you will be able to demonstrate that the claimed Elim value is based in fact.

Never wear garments, either over or beneath Arc Flash rated products, that are not at the very least flame resistant, as such garments are very likely to melt, with the potential to cause serious life-threatening injuries.

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