ARCBAN® Clothing for Unbeatable Arc Flash Protection

ARCBAN® garments are the arc flash protection garments of choice for electrical engineers.

At every stage in the life cycle of an ARCBAN® garment, from concept through fabric selection, design, testing, certification, and manufacture, great care and attention to detail is a given, meaning every wearer can be confident that the products will provide the stated protection.

When you put on an ARCBAN® garment you are not only wearing a product that will be more comfortable than others, thanks to the careful fabric selection and ergonomic design chosen by the ARCBAN® Team, you will be wearing a product that meets or even exceeds the most stringent requirements of the EN Standards (all garments CE and UKCA marked).

ARCBAN® Garments have been worn by professional electrical engineers for nearly two decades and during that time have performed in real incidents and have protected the wearers from significant injury and in one case possibly a fatal conclusion (please note with care that PPE is the last line of defence and all other control measures must be deployed before considering PPE to protect from any residual risk)


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