ARC Protection Gauntlet AF

J & K Ross Item Code: GLV/13-4HFR-AF


Arc flash glove, suitable for work in areas where workers may be exposed to the thermal effects of an electric arc.

Colour: Black

Size: 7 – 11 (XS to XL)


  • EN388: 2016 3543E   Protective gloves against mechanical risks
  • EN407: 2004 41324X   Protective gloves against thermal risks (Heat and/or fire)
  • ASTM F2675, ATPV 30cal/cm2 (palm) – Arc Ratings of Hand Protective Products
  • ASTM F2675, ATPV 16cal/cm2 (back of hand) – Arc Ratings of Hand Protective Products
  • ISO 139997 (E) – ISO Cut level

Style Features:

  • High Arc flash protection
  • Suitable for the toughest work conditions with a risk of spark heat and flame
  • High level of cut resistance
  • Inherently flame resistant
  • Good grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Suitable in oily environments
  • Great dexterity

Fabric materials:

Para Aramide, Fiberglass, Mod Acrylic, Elastane, anti-static fibres, Chloroprene composite

Please note this glove DOES NOT provide protection from electric shock.


It is essential before procuring protective equipment for yourself or your employees that you have carried out a full arc flash study to assess the level of risk and that you are employing all possible hazard mitigation measures.

We strongly recommend that you speak to an expert before procuring arc flash PPE to make sure that you are properly protected in relation to the risk you face. Using incorrectly rated PPE can lead to serious injury or death. 

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