Survive-ARC® Nomex® Gauntlets

J & K Ross Code: ARC/GLV100


Protective switching gloves designed for protection in the electrical industry to withstand the hazardous effects of an electric arc flash up to 100 cal/cm².

Lightweight gloves with excellent dexterity.

Colour: Olive

Sizes: S – XL

Length: 380mm long

Guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the product.

Machine washable in water at home or industrial laundries.

Fabric Standards:

  • IEC 61482-1-1, ASTM F1959, NFPA 70E, ASTM, F1506, SANS 724, ASTM F1506 Garment: CE 0339 mATPV1: 100 cal/c2, HAF2: 97.7%, NFPA 70E
  • Please note this glove DOES NOT provide protection from electric shock.


It is essential before procuring protective equipment for yourself or your employees that you have carried out a full arc flash study to assess the level of risk and that you are employing all possible hazard mitigation measures.

We strongly recommend that you speak to an expert before procuring arc flash PPE to make sure that you are properly protected in relation to the risk you face. Using incorrectly rated PPE can lead to serious injury or death. 

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